Surf classes bonus European University of the Atlantic


Obsession Surf School joins forces with the European University of the Atlantic to offer all its students a unique and exciting opportunity to learn to surf and experience the thrill of sliding on waves.

These classes are designed to introduce students to surfing in a safe and controlled environment, and are taught by experienced and certified instructors, all at an exclusive 50% discount .

Instructors will provide all necessary equipment, including surfboards and wetsuits. Students will receive hands-on instruction on proper paddling techniques, wave selection, and standing up on the board. Instructors will also provide tips and techniques for maneuvering the wave and staying safe in the water.

Our introductory surf classes provide a fun and exciting way for students to learn the basics of surfing and experience the thrill of riding waves. With experienced and certified instructors, students can feel confident and secure while learning this exciting new sport.

Class duration: 120 min.

Location: Obsession Surf School on the ground floor of Primera Playa del Sardinero (under Café Maremondo)

The bonus includes:

  • 8 surf classes.
  • Professional monitor.
  • Theoretical and practical class.
  • High quality equipment (surfboard and wetsuit).
  • Insurance.

Important: voucher only valid for students of the European University of the Atlantic.