Surfskate CARVER Channel Islands Happy 30.75"

By Carver

The Surf Skate Carver Happy 30.75" is a board with a wide and rounded kick tail so you can place your back foot well and dare with aerial ones, and it is a light and fast board like the original, so you can easily pump and practice your most radical maneuvers.

The board is visually very beautiful, they have even painted the carbon reinforcements that the board has in the rear.

The Carver Happy 30.75" surf skate is the result of a collaboration between Carver and Channel Islands, one of the most influential surfboard brands in the world. Al Merrick has designed some of the most classic models in competitive surfing history.


Long 30 3/4"
Broad 9 3/4"
I don't know 3 3/8"
tail 6 1/8"
axes Carver CX
Distance between axis 16 3/4"
Wheels Roundhouse Smoke Concave 78A
wheel diameter 69mm
wheel hardness 78th