Surfskate CARVER Sun Ray 32" C5

By Carver

The SUN RAY C5 32" skateboard is part of the STREET SURF capsule created by the artist Daren Magee. The objective of this capsule is to propose two models, the SUN RAY C5 32" and the SCAPE C5 32.25", which are close to of a classic street skateboard while maintaining the qualities of a surf skate.Slightly shorter than the SCAPE 32.25", the SUN RAY 32" is the skate to have if you want to have the perfect compromise between street skate and skateboard. It is narrow , mounted on a C5 truck with a low center of gravity that allows you to do tricks: flips, ollies and many others! With the SUN RAY 32", you will have the perfect training partner for the bowl, the park skate park, street and pump rink.


Long 32.25"
Broad 8 3/4"
I don't know 6 3/4"
tail 6 1/4"
axes Carver C5
Distance between axis 16 1/2"
Wheels roundhouse
wheel diameter 68mm
wheel hardness 81a