BAHIA II 5/4/3mm Women's Neoprene Suit

By Seland


Full wetsuit 5.4.3 mm in LIMESTONE ULTRASTRETCH neoprene. Very warm suit with QUICK DRY interior up to the ankles. ECO-FRIENDLY SUIT.

• ECO-FRIENDLY SUIT. Suit created with green technologies that create a more neoprene
• QUICK DRY: New material that facilitates and reduces the drying time of the suit
In turn, it provides more heat.
• LIMESTONE ULTRASTRETCH neoprene throughout the suit.
• GLIDE SKIN NECK. Without interior seams to avoid friction.
• Glued and sewn with external double stitching.
• Continuous interior sealing of the seams with neoprene.
• Preformed legs and arms to facilitate movement.
• Zig-zag stitching on arm and leg cuffs, allowing for greater fit.
• QUICK DRY interior laminate up to the ankles, which provides more warmth.
WARM SUIT: Quick Dry fabric reaches the ankles.
• YKK front zipper closure system.
• Supratex knee pads (highly abrasion resistant material).
• Key holder on the inside flap.
• Water drainage holes (front and rear).

COLOR: Black, graphite and turquoise. Black stitching.