Surf Skate YOW Coxos 31″

By Yow

The Coxos 31” Surf Skate is a board with tremendous versatility, and a beautiful fish tail design inspired by classic fish surf boards. Formed by a wide nose for better control in turns Its medium-sized wheelbase (18”) offers greater stability, allowing you to draw very tight turns at the same time. It's built with a medium concave that provides enough grip to keep your feet in place. The Meraki (S5) system together with its 66x51mm 80A (medium) Ura wheels will help you maintain better control in your slides.


Long 31"
broad 10 1/4"
axes Yow S5 Meraki
Distance between axis 18"
Wheels YOW URA 66x51mm 80A
wheel diameter 66mm
wheel hardness 80th