Obsession Surf School, on the First Beach of El Sardinero, is more than a surf school just to learn to surf. It is a place where emotions flow with the same force as the waves of the sea.
From the first moment you arrive, you can feel the passion and enthusiasm that surrounds the entire place. The sound of the sea, the laughter of our students and the salty aroma of the air mix to create a unique experience.
The instructors at Obsession Surf are truly passionate about surfing, and their enthusiasm is contagious. They give themselves completely to their students, sharing their knowledge and skills with patience and dedication.
Every day at the Obsession Surf Surf School is an adventure, facing new challenges and managing to surpass ourselves. The adrenaline and excitement of riding the waves are indescribable.
But beyond the excitement of surfing, what makes Obsession Surf School special is the community that has been created there among our students and friends.
The Obsession Surf School is located on El Sardinero Beach, just a few steps from the waves, a truly magical place. A place where you can learn to surf, but also where you can make new friends, discover your own limits and feel alive like never before. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this place, don't pass it up. You will not regret.

Make your reservation today and get ready to enjoy an exciting adventure at sea with us!
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Do you want to surf this winter?

Here, in Sardinero, the passion for surfing never stops, and even less so in winter!

If you thought the waves were hiding this season, you're wrong! Our surf school invites you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of surfing all winter long.

Winter is the perfect time to challenge your limits and connect with nature.

In our winter group, you will not only learn to surf, but you will also become part of a passionate community that shares your love of the ocean and the waves.

The feeling of riding the waves on a cold, sunny winter day is incomparable.