Surfing is a very peculiar discipline. One of the few that cannot be practiced every day. And when you can, every day is different. Because it depends on the conditions of the waves (wind, tide, strength, direction, height, etc.), a fundamental element, and they change every hour.

To know when there are waves at each beach or spot and what they will be like, there are several methods and weather information pages. From the buoys of the State Ports to websites specialized in wind such as Windguru or some that have webcams focusing on some waves such as Camaramar.

To facilitate all the interpretations of the reports, there are also apps . One of them, Todosurf , is Spanish and has just taken a very important step forward in its evolution. After more than 20 years in the world of surfing in continuous development and offering weather information, magazine and forum services, TDS now centralizes its efforts in giving the user the best and most valuable information for their surf sessions.

The app offers free 14-day forecasts with global and multi-language coverage . With a new forecast model that is based on the information provided by the most reliable sources and models (Copernicus and NOAA). Then it transfers them to each beach according to its characteristics - bottom, orientation, tide, etc. - thus adding added value that makes them as realistic as possible.

The user , who can select their favorite beaches, receives this information in the simplest and most summarized way possible through Todosurf: wave height, force, wind, orientation, temperature... and also allows them to record and rate each swim ( even the material that has been used), so that little by little it determines what the best conditions are for each place, including the secret spots (created by the user himself; and private) satisfying both novices and the most experts.

You can check it periodically and, when there are waves, stop by Obsession Surf School, on Sardinero beach, to take a lesson or rent material. We will wait for you here!

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