If you are passionate about surfing, you will know that neoprene is a key element in your equipment. Choosing the right wetsuit will not only allow you to enjoy your favorite sport in greater comfort, but will also help you stay warm in cold waters. In this article, we offer you some tips for choosing the right wetsuit for you.

  1. Choose the appropriate thickness. The thickness of the neoprene you need will depend on the temperature of the water. If you usually surf in warm waters, a 2mm neoprene is sufficient. However, if you are tackling colder waters, you will need a thicker neoprene, which can range from 3mm to 6mm.

  2. Make sure the neoprene fits well. A wetsuit that is too tight will restrict your movements and leave you uncomfortable during your surf session. On the other hand, one that fits too loosely won't keep you warm and can be dangerous. It is important that you try on several models and sizes to find the one that best fits your body.

  3. Consider the quality of the neoprene. Not all wetsuits are the same. There are low-quality wetsuits that wear out quickly and lose their elasticity over time, forcing you to buy a new one. On the other hand, there are high-quality neoprenes that are more durable and maintain their elasticity for longer. It is preferable to invest in a quality neoprene so that it lasts longer and offers better performance.

  4. Rate the additional features. Modern wetsuits often come with additional features that can improve your surfing experience. For example, some models have thermal panels that retain heat in specific areas of the body, while others have waterproof zippers that prevent water from entering.

In conclusion, choosing the right wetsuit is important so that you can enjoy surfing to the fullest. Consider water temperature, fit, quality and additional features when choosing the wetsuit that best suits your needs. With the right wetsuit, you'll be ready to dominate the waves!