Voucher for 10 Surf classes


If you are looking for a surf lesson that will give you an exciting and safe experience in the water, we have just what you need!

Our surf classes are designed for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and are taught by highly trained and certified instructors. They include all the necessary equipment such as wetsuits and surfboards, so you won't have to worry about anything other than enjoying the water.

Learn to surf like a pro and save money with our 10 surf lesson bonus! Purchasing the 10 lesson voucher gives you a complete surf learning experience and saves you a significant amount of money compared to purchasing individual lessons.

With our 10 surf lesson bonus, you will have the opportunity to learn and improve your surfing skills through multiple classes, allowing you to progress and master the art of surfing. Our instructors will guide you every step of the way, providing feedback and technique correction to help you achieve your surfing goals.

Additionally, the 10 surf lesson voucher gives you the flexibility to schedule your lessons around your schedule, allowing you to plan and book in advance. You'll also enjoy a more personalized surfing experience, as you'll have the opportunity to work with the same instructor across multiple classes, allowing you to establish a relationship of trust and a better understanding of your specific needs.

Our 10 surf lesson voucher gives you a complete surf learning experience, the opportunity to progress and improve your surfing skill, significant savings compared to purchasing individual lessons, and a personalized surf experience tailored to your needs. needs.

Come to Obsession Surf School located on the same Primera Playa del Sardinero in Santander and discover how exciting it can be to surf the waves of the Cantabrian Sea!

Duration of each class: 120 min.

Class schedule:

  • Various schedules
  • Contact us to reserve the time that best suits your needs.

Location: Obsession Surf School on the ground floor of Primera Playa del Sardinero (under Café Maremondo)

The bonus includes:

  • 10 surf classes.
  • Professional monitor.
  • Theoretical and practical class.
  • High quality equipment (surfboard and wetsuit).
  • Insurance.

Important information:

Once you buy your voucher, contact us to reserve the time for your surf lessons.

Telephone: +34 601 50 05 58

Email: hola@obsessionsurfschool.com

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