The Giant Cow adult white t-shirt



Official t-shirt of La Vaca Gigante by Obsession, the international giant wave surfing championship held in Santander. Exclusive product only for sale at Obsession Surf Shop.

Cotton t-shirt with the official logo in full color on the back and on the front. Also available in black.

White color

COMPOSITION: 100% cotton


  • Maximum washing temperature 30º
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not use dryer.

The Giant Cow is a big wave surfing event organized by the ObsessionA2 sports club that takes place in La Cantera-Cueto, Santander. Currently La Vaca Gigante -together with Punta Galea and the Illa Pancha Challenge- are the only extreme surfing events that take place in Spain, crossing borders in just a few years and consolidating itself as one of the relevant giant wave competitions in Europe.

What makes La Vaca really special are the characteristics of the wave: when the weather conditions are right, they can rise up to 6 or 8 meters high. To ensure that the event is held in optimal conditions, a long waiting period is established -from October to March- and the event is called a week in advance, when the forecast for waves and wind is favourable.