The Giant Cow adult white t-shirt



Official t-shirt of La Vaca Gigante by Obsession, the international giant wave surfing championship held in Santander. Exclusive product only for sale at Obsession Surf Shop.

Cotton t-shirt with official full-color logo on the back and front. Also available in black.

This t-shirt is the perfect accessory for any surf and ocean lover, and is especially suitable for those who appreciate the courage and determination required to take on the biggest waves in the world. With the Official La Vaca Gigante T-shirt, you can show your support for the championship and demonstrate your love for surfing anytime, anywhere.

White color

COMPOSITION: 100% cotton


  • Maximum washing temperature 30º
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not use dryer.

The Giant Cow is a big wave surfing event organized by the ObsessionA2 sports club and takes place in La Cantera-Cueto, Santander. Currently La Vaca Gigante - along with Punta Galea and the Illa Pancha Challenge - are the only extreme surfing events that take place in Spain, crossing borders in a very few years and consolidating themselves as one of the relevant giant wave competitions in Europe.

What makes La Vaca really special are the characteristics of the wave; when the right weather conditions are met, they can rise up to 6 or 8 meters high. To ensure that the event is held under optimal conditions, a long waiting period is established – from October to March – and the test is called one week in advance, when the wave and wind forecast is favorable.

The La Vaca Gigante giant wave championship brings together the best surfers, authentic heroes of the sea, in an impressive setting, where the force of nature becomes the most exciting challenge.

But La Vaca Gigante is not just an event for surfers. It is also a unique opportunity for all those who love the sea and nature to enjoy an exciting show full of adrenaline.