POCito Auric Cut MIPS Fluorescent Green Helmet

By Poc


The POCito Auric Cut helmet is a children's ski helmet developed by POC and is concerned with offering young skiers the best protection. This is possible thanks to its POC system, which is inspired by the role that cerebrospinal fluid plays in the natural protection of the brain. The Auric is based on pads that make the helmet adapt to the movements of the junior skier's head in a fall. The head and brain are thus kept protected, even in the event of repetitive shock.

The POCito Auric Cut helmet has a multi-impact EPP inner lining and an ABS outer shell that gives it great robustness. In addition to its flashy color, the visibility of the helmet is intensified thanks to the reflective stickers found on the front of the helmet and a row of LEDs on the rear. An adjustment wheel allows you to adjust the helmet as comfortably as possible. The helmet has a Recco reflector that makes searching in an avalanche easier.

Color: Flourescent Yellow/Green

Sizing Guide: Helmet sizes are based on head circumference. To determine the correct size, place a measuring tape around your head.