POC Formix Rhodium Beige Helmet

By Poc


THE POC Fornix Rhodium Beige Helmet perfectly combines lightness, efficient ventilation and structural reinforcement with aramid filaments. This helmet has been designed to excel in the snow, providing an unparalleled snowboarding experience.

The Fornix Rhodium Beige has been awarded thanks to its innovative approach to safety and comfort. Its unique construction, which uses molded aramid filaments together with foam, results in an exceptionally lightweight helmet without compromising its stable structure and advanced protection capabilities.

The ventilation system is a marvel of efficiency, with adjustable vents at the front and rear, allowing complete control over airflow. In addition, it has a special ventilation for the mask, avoiding annoying fogging and guaranteeing clear vision at all times.

The EPS inner layer, combined with aramid filaments, not only reinforces the helmet structure, but also effectively disperses impacts, offering comprehensive protection. The size adjustment system ensures a precise and comfortable fit, while the mask attachment system completes this design masterpiece.

Color: Rhodium Beige

Sizing Guide: Helmet sizes are based on head circumference. To determine the correct size, place a measuring tape around your head.