POCito Skull Adjustable Fluorescent Blue Helmet

By Poc


The POCito Skull children's helmet incorporates the same technologies as POC competition helmets for adults, but offers greater absorption of impacts that occur at lower speeds and forces. younger adores, where lightness is vital so that they do not feel that protection is a burden.

It has an aramid anti-penetration barrier that provides protection against sharp objects. In addition, the helmet also incorporates an adjustable adjustment system that adapts to the growth of the child. The helmet is supplied in fluorescent colors and with reflective stickers to offer greater visibility and ultimately avoid collisions with other skiers. Additionally, an accessory pack is available that includes an LED light and a fluorescent vest. The glasses clip includes a space to indicate the contact information for the child's parents.

Color: Fluorescent Blue

Sizing Guide: Helmet sizes are based on head circumference. To determine the correct size, place a measuring tape around your head.