GATH Surf convertible helmet SFC Yellow

By Gath


Experience ultimate innovation with the Gath Surf Convertible helmet. The renowned brand, leader in head protection in surf sports, now presents exceptional helmet options for various water activities. With cutting-edge style, unmatched quality and exceptional performance, Gath backs up its award-winning surf helmet with two new models designed to meet the realistic needs of professionals and sports enthusiasts. The brand stands out for its versatility, style, comfort and protection against common injuries and the elements. Gath continues to lead the way with essential design criteria for safe and practical use in aquatic environments.

Discover the versatility and unparalleled protection of GATH Surf Convertible hearing protectors. Designed to adapt to different weather conditions, these protectors are easily removed to expose the ears in warm weather or placed as an extension of the helmet shell for added protection and warmth in the cold. Adjustable audio vents offer flexibility by isolating cold wind or improving hearing by opening. All materials are strong, durable, rust-resistant and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Main Features:

  • Convertible design for display or ear coverage.
  • Adjustable audio vents for added flexibility.
  • Strong and resistant materials for durability.
  • Protection against impacts and extreme weather conditions.
  • Cool space age style with unbeatable quality.
  • UV and impact resistant plastic housing.
  • UV resistant, shatterproof and durable plastic visors.
  • Multi-impact foam lining and headband that does not absorb water.
  • Retention system with standards-approved straps and buckles.
  • Accessories resistant to salt water.

Yellow color