GATH Neo Hat Red Surf Helmet

By Gath


The Gath NEO HAT is ultra-lightweight, weighing just 355-390 grams, providing a smart layer of defense against common head injuries while surfing. The Gath Hat helmet's unique shape and expandable neoprene headband automatically adjust to the shape of your head, offering a comfortable fit, full peripheral vision, and comfortably sealing your forehead to minimize water flow over your eyes.

Gath helmets are manufactured from quality materials to strict specifications and are designed to last, backed by a 3-year warranty. All materials are strong, durable, rust-proof and will withstand extreme weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Housing: Durable, UV-resistant, high-impact plastic.
Lining: Multi-layer foam that is non-water absorbent and resistant to multiple impacts.
Headband: 10mm multi-layer foam, non-water absorbent and resistant to multiple impacts.
Accessories: All custom Gath helmet screws and rivets are made of strong, corrosion and saltwater resistant materials.
Retention System: Made with standards-approved non-elastic webbing, standards-approved quick-release buckles for secure retention and are equipped with a nylon-coated, non-water-absorbent foam for added comfort.

    Red color