Surfskate CARVER Swallow 29.5"

€220,00 €315,00
By Carver

The Surskate Swallow has been one of Carver's favorite boards for years.
The combination of short and wide is magical, as the short wheelbase allows you to pump effortlessly, but the extra width and concave makes it a very comfortable cruiser.
Updated design with one of surf artist Ryan Kleiner's hand-painted waves, exactly evoking the feeling of looking through the eye of the tube.


Long 29 1/2"
Broad 9 5/8"
I don't know 3 3/4"
Tail 6 1/8"
Axles Carver CX
Distance between axis 15 1/2"
Wheels Roundhouse Ecothane
Wheel diameter 65mm
Wheel hardness 78a