Firewire Sunday Table



The board Firewire Sunday made in collaboration with Rob Machado is a midlength in a 2+1 configuration, which offers great speed and entry into small and medium waves, perfect for summer waves.

Really fun, Firewire Sunday accepts all types of surfers and levels; from people who come from a short board and are looking for a board with which to have fun catching waves in summer, to longboarders who want to lower the length of the board to try another type of surfing.

Its 2+1 fin system allows you to use it as:

  • Single Fin if you want to draw wide lines and flow on the wave
  • Twin Fin, if you want to give it extra speed
  • 2 +1 for functional and fun surfing


Brand firewire
Construction Helium 2 (Epoxy)
quilas 5 (not included)
keel system FCS II
surfing level all levels
wave size small/medium