SOLITE Surf Boots 3mm Custom 2.0 Gum/Black



If you are looking for the lightest and almost invisible surf boot, the 3mm Custom 2.0 is your answer.

Recommended Water Temperatures: Designed for waters 10°C/50°F and up.

Sizing Tip: Order your regular size or a half size down as they expand as they shape. If your feet are narrow, consider sizing down even further.

Solite 2.0 - Innovative Technology: The Custom 2.0 stands out with Solite 2.0 technology, offering a 3mm boot that integrates the 2.0 Sole in a clean and almost imperceptible design.

3D Molded Natural Rubber Sole: Provides durability and protection against rocks and underwater obstacles. One-piece design for added protection.

Customizable Thermofoam Sole 2.0: Patented thermoformable sole with improved Mini-Split for a comfortable and precise fit. Differentiated thickness for additional protection.

Improved Lining with Tatex Flex-Spine and Padded Interior: Improved outer material for durability and water resistance. Tatex Flex Spine to facilitate footwear and prevent water flow. Padded interior for comfort and warmth.

EZ-O Grip with Reinforced Seams: Seamless design to prevent water flow, with larger panel than other O-rings. Reduced thickness for easy on/off. Overkill neoprene stitching for maximum durability.

Stealth-Loop Reinforcement: Stealth-Loop integration in the heel for easy on/off. Stealth Loop Tatex-coated for strength and zero water absorption.

Split-Toe Warmer Socks in the Box: Included in the box, Heat-Boosters add comfort, warmth and absorb water. Machine washable and dryable.

The Solite Custom 2.0 boot is an innovative and durable surf boot, designed to provide exceptional comfort, durability and performance in diverse conditions.

COLOR: Gum/black