Grip FCS Filipe Toledo Dark Shadow


The FCS Filipe Toledo Dark Shadow grip is an essential accessory for any surfboard. This product is designed to offer superior grip to the surfer, allowing them to have better control over the board and perform more precise maneuvers.

This grip model has been created in collaboration with Brazilian surfer Filipe Toledo, who is known for his innovative and progressive style in surfing. The design of the grip is inspired by the personality and unique surfing style of Filipe Toledo.

The grip material is made of high quality rubber that offers great resistance and durability. In addition, it has an embossed texture that provides a secure and comfortable grip for the surfer's feet.

The Dark Shadow color of the FCS Filipe Toledo grip is elegant and modern, giving the surfboard a sophisticated look. This product fits perfectly on any type of board and is easy to install.

Color: black/blue/yellow

Pieces: 3

Texture: diamond