Grip FCS Julian Wilson Camo


The FCS Grip Julian Wilson Camo is a high-quality grip designed to give you exceptional performance in the waves. This grip, created by legendary Australian surfer Julian Wilson, features a green and black camouflage pattern that gives it an attractive and stylish look.

The grip is made of high quality materials that provide excellent durability and slip resistance. High-density foam offers a comfortable, non-slip grip, allowing for greater comfort and control over your board. In addition, it has a 7 mm arch that provides additional support for the rear foot, helping to maintain greater stability and control at all times.

The FCS Grip Julian Wilson is easy to install and fits perfectly on any surfboard. Plus, its lightweight, ergonomic design provides excellent board feel, allowing you to feel the wave and adjust your position with precision. If you are looking for a high-quality surf grip to help you improve your performance in the waves, the Julian Wilson FCS Grip is an excellent option.

Color: black/gray/camouflage

Pieces: 3