Grip FIREWIRE Machado Go Pad Fishtail


Rob Machado's weed traction for Go Fish, Seaside and any other fast, wide fish you surf.

Designed by Rob to fit the Seaside and Go Fish perfectly, either as a four-piece flat pad with a tail, or as a two-piece flat pad without a tail. The Firewire Go Pad grip fits perfectly without obstructing the leash socket on both boards, regardless of size.


  • 14" wide x 14" tall
  • 4-piece pad
  • diamond tread
  • 3M adhesive
  • Color: Black/Charcoal

BLOOM is a high-performance flexible foam made from algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources around the world.

Basically, green algae is harvested from ponds, dried in the sun and then ground to create a foam that helps balance natural ecology and reduces our dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. Through this patented algae technology, a product has been created with greater durability, better shock absorption and lower weight than conventional foams.

By choosing this traction, you are helping to make the world a cleaner place.