Grip Slater Design Front Food Pad


The Front Foot Pad grip is a piece of non-slip material that is placed on the top of the surfboard. Its main function is to provide the surfer with a safe grip surface for their feet, preventing them from slipping during turns and maneuvers on the wave. In addition, the grip also protects the surfboard from scratches and damage caused by the constant impact of water and sand.

The Slater Designs Surf Front Pad is made from an eco-friendly algae-based foam. This innovative raw material is obtained from plants that grow excessively and hinder proper water circulation. Kelly Slater, aware of the importance of contributing to the balance of ecosystems, decided to use this material to manufacture the pad. In addition, the packaging is also ecological and biodegradable, demonstrating the brand's commitment to preserving the environment.

Size: 36 x 36 cm
Texture: plaid
Color: black
Pieces: 3