Invention Ocean Earth Regular 6" Pink


Advanced in its design, this surfboard invention is extremely comfortable to wear with double padded ankle straps. The exclusive Diamond Flex mold allows for additional flexibility and strength in your leg rope.

Wave size: up to 6 feet (1.8 m)
Bead diameter: 9/32" (7mm)
Strap: 50mm - 2 x padded
Pink colour

Additional leash features:

DIAMOND-FLEX MOLD: Advanced mold design with flex diamonds. Provides controlled flex and a solid transition from mold to urethane. DOUBLE

SWIVEL ANCHOR: Top grade, swivel, anti-corrosive stainless steel marine anchors for tangle-free surfing. ORIGINAL DETACHABLE RAILSAVER: The original O&E designed Railsaver system, with sewn-in anchor rope. Protects rails and comes off easily. CONTROLLED STRETCH URETHANE

NEW FORMULA: The bigger the wave, the more it stretches, keeping your board at a safe distance. Premium quality urethane developed by the world's leading manufacturer.

FLEXIBLE NECK CONNECTION: Allows 360º movement of the cord and offers more comfort when under load.

DELUXE ANKLE STRAP: Double padded strap for added comfort. Secure, lightweight fit.

SAFETY RELEASE TAB: Easy to see “Safety Red” quick release tab. Essential when surfing big waves and reefs.

LUG BUDDY: Another O&E invention. Ensures that the cord can easily slide through the surfboard socket.