Invention Slater Desings 6"


The Slater Designs X Revolwe Comp 6' Surfboard Leash is a highly eco-friendly option. This Swedish designed surf accessory is of high quality and meets all the requirements of modern surf equipment.

It is constructed with carefully selected materials, such as a high-strength 5.5mm polyurethane cord, a 50mm Yulex® lanyard (a natural rubber sourced from sustainable forests and supported by the Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance), steel swivels stainless steel, a very resistant Velcro, a strap with the Revolwe brand, and a removable protector for edge savers and replaceable straps, as well as a pocket for keys.

Revolwe uses a polyester yarn made from certified post-consumer PET (plastic bottles). Every 500 grams of recycled polyester yarn used in Revolwe products reduces material and energy consumption by 61,000 BTUs, which is equivalent to two liters of petroleum products.

Conditions: for waves from knee to shoulder height.