BURTON Snow Pack Genie Table + Bindings

€349,00 €520,00

Snowboard pack + Bindings at an incredible price.

BOARD: Burton Genie 147

The Burton Genie women's snowboard grants your desire to progress quickly and will guide you through every turn on the slope. Its soft flexibility makes it easy to initiate turns. The twin shape simplifies the choice of your preferred position, goofy or regular, allowing you to ride in both directions with the same ease. The Flat Top profile is mostly flat, providing stability during learning without the feeling of completely falling. It offers confidence to gain speed and, at the same time, inspires confidence to take the first corners and face more challenging terrain.

The slight tilt of the tip and tail prevents unexpected digging and sliding down the mountain. It is also ideal for learning to drive in the park, preventing the nose and tail from getting caught in boxes and rails. The Fly core uses wood for a soft, lightweight feel and consistent flex, with proven durability for seasons to come. Biax fiberglass is soft to torsion, allowing you to initiate turns without losing balance. Squeezebox Low goes a step further to facilitate turning, thinning the core in strategic areas to improve the maneuverability of your board. The extruded base ensures long durability.

  • Size: 147 cms (recommended weight 57-75kgs)

        BINDINGS: Burton Freestyle

        Boost your performance on the mountain with soft flex and a playful feel that lets you get the most out of your board. From groomed slopes to natural features, Burton Freestyle snowboard bindings offer smooth, consistent flex with a responsive feel.

        • Universal Compatibility: Motherboards are universally compatible with all major mounting systems.
        • Cushioned Comfort Full Re:Flex FullBED padding maximizes comfort and minimizes fatigue.
        • Custom Adjustment The MicroFLAD system allows you to set the forward tilt angle of the backrest with a simple lever system.
        • Durability and Consistency The single-component baseplate, backrest and buckles are more durable and consistent in their response and feel.