BURTON Snow Pack Feather 140 Board + Freestyle Bindings

€349,00 €499,00


BURTON Snowboard + Bindings pack at an incredible price.

BOARD: Burton Feather 140

A smooth, easy-to-handle snowboard that will allow you to find your rhythm.

Technical characteristics:

  • Perfectly Symmetrical Flex Twin.
  • BEND Flat Top: Flat profile between the feet that guarantees stability, balance and continuous edge control. Raised nose and tail along with a lift off the feet offer a relaxed, snag-free ride characteristic of rocker designs.
  • Directional SHAPE: Versatile and classic snowboard shape with a nose slightly longer than the tail, concentrating pop in the tail for optimal buoyancy and control in any terrain or snow conditions. With a 3-6mm Taper for smooth turns, high-speed stability and greater flotation in powder snow.
  • CORE FSC™ Certified Super Fly® 800G: Vertical sandwich of hard and softwoods to lighten weight, improve pop and response.
  • EXTRUDED BASE: Incredible speed, strength and pop with low maintenance.
  • BIAX™ LAMINATED FIBERGLASS: Jibber flex, soft and forgiving, ideal for the park.
  • SQUEEZEBOX LOW: Variable thickness for perfect performance in the park, thicker at the height of the bindings.
  • THE CHANNEL™: Ultimate binding system that offers quick, easy mounting and stance configuration options. Compatible with most other brand bindings.
  • IN-MOLD FILET-O-FLEX: Ultra-thin profile for a more flexible board without sacrificing stability, durability and grip. It offers additional suspension and greater cushioning at the foot level.
  • Size: 140 cm (36-54 km)

    BINDINGS: Burton Freestyle

    Boost your performance on the mountain with soft flex and a playful feel that lets you get the most out of your board. From groomed slopes to natural features, Burton Freestyle snowboard bindings offer smooth, consistent flex with a responsive feel.

    • Universal Compatibility: Motherboards are universally compatible with all major mounting systems.
    • Cushioned Comfort Full Re:Flex FullBED padding maximizes comfort and minimizes fatigue.
    • Custom Adjustment The MicroFLAD system allows you to set the forward tilt angle of the backrest with a simple lever system.
    • Durability and Consistency The single-component baseplate, backrest and buckles are more durable and consistent in their response and feel.