SALOMON Snow Pack Bellevue 148 Board + Bindings

€390,00 €620,00

Snowboard pack + Bindings at an incredible price.

BOARD: Salomon Bellevue 148

Snowboard designed for women looking for precise control in every turn.
Whether braving powder snow or conquering alpine slopes, the wider design, with the control strategically located under the rear foot, offers smooth maneuverability, speed and essential flotation.

  • Turning Power: Camber under the rear foot for explosive turning capabilities.
  • Exceptional Carving: The Quadratic Sidecut combines elliptical curves for easy turn initiation and fluid edge-to-edge transitions.
  • Optimal Flotation: Flat segments under the front foot for exceptional freedom on deep, fun snow days.
  • Camber: Loaded under the rear foot for precision and control, with flat segments under the front foot for superior flotation in deep snow. The perfect combination to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Quadratic: A blend of elliptical curves for easy turn initiation, effortless direction changes and fluid edge-to-edge transitions.
  • Size: 148 cm recommended for women weighing between 45-65 kg.

      BINDINGS: The Salomon Rhythm binding offers superior fit and comfort in all types of conditions. This binding features a lightweight, asymmetrical design that offers the perfect balance between support and maneuverability.

      • A softer flex and asymmetrical design facilitate progression and offer the perfect balance between support and forgiveness for a smooth ride.
      • Supreme Lite Ankle Closure: Comfortable, secure fit with lightweight, durable materials and a mold-injected design.
      • Rhythm Base: Unprecedented fit with an asymmetrical design that strikes the perfect balance between support, performance and maneuverability.
      • 30% nylon/fiberglass composite: Maximum performance and unsurpassed comfort.
      • Tool-less adjustable toe ramp: For easy adjustment and the best toe transmission.
      • Universal Disk: Maximum compatibility with all mounting systems on the market.
      • IMS: Integrated Mounting System (IMS) is Salomon's patented trick for keeping bolt discs in place when adjusting bindings or changing boards.
      • Unite Disk Compatibility: The motherboard is compatible with our UNITE rental system, very easy to use.
      • HB filter: Salomon exclusive. Our unique vibration filtration material absorbs unwanted impacts to reduce leg and foot fatigue so you can keep skiing.
      • Ergonomic pre-rotation for a natural fit and precise power transmission.
      • Supreme Lite Toe Closure: Lightweight, molded-injected toe closure covers your toes and provides a secure fit.
      • Inclined plate: Instantly add your jumping power and extra edge control with our 2.5° angled footbed. It does not put stress on the knees or reduce the sensation of the board.
      • Full EVA back pad: maximum level of shock absorption and precise transmission of energy directly to your edges.
      • EVA front pad: A generous amount of EVA foam placed under the forefoot to cushion and absorb impacts.
      • Micromax closure settings: Quick and precise micro adjustments that allow you to optimize the center of the closure on your boot for maximum comfort and support.
      • Closure adjustment without tools.
      • MP Ratchet: A ratchet of the highest quality and maximum performance. Better fit, less damage on stairs, more power and precision with every click.
      • Composite hook: Its composite materials combine with the 3-axis mechanism for deep casting, with a three-point hinge and a smooth, powerful adjustment.