Fins ENDORFINS Kelly Slater KS1 Thruster Tri-Fins Futures


Endorfins KS1 Tri-Quad fins they are designed by Kelly Slater . Its ultra-light carbon-based composition offers great grip and flexibility. Manufactured with AIR Tech technology that makes the fins float in the water if they are released from the board, preventing them from sinking to the bottom of the sea.

THE DESIGN: The circle on the side of each Endorfins keel represents flow . It's a fresh take on Kelly's iconic circular branding that has appeared on every fin she has endorsed before, paying homage to the past while moving into the future .

THE ECO STORY : ' Fuck your fins, not your ocean .' Kelly has a hobby collecting keels from the reef in front of her home in Hawaii. These keels are trash , left on the ocean floor. By screwing our fins into our surfboards, and the fact that they float , we prevent this from happening. In addition, we continue our commitment to Sea Trees : 'erasing' the annual carbon footprint of our keel production by conserving the kelp forest in California, protecting the rainforest in Africa and planting mangroves in Indonesia.

These fins are compatible with the FCS ll system, but it requires two screws since it does not click when putting it on or taking it off.

Screws and allen key included.

System FCS II
Material AIR Tech: 90% air and 10% carbon fiber
Sizes Medium
No. of keels 3
Color Black
Model FCS II Endorfins KS1 Tri-Quad M