FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri-Fins


The new FCS Accelerator PC Carbon model has the best materials in its construction: PC Carbon and AirCore , a high-end combination to offer you lightness , fast acceleration and smooth turns.

These keels allow you to have absolute control and stand out especially when the sea conditions are more critical .


The new PC Carbon produces a 3D roll and roll action resulting in a keel quick and with a great responsiveness that feels much more gentle in the turns PCC fins are adapted to the fast surfing and are the favorites of more advanced surfers who like to perform explosive twists in the critical parts of the wave.

The new PCC Essential Series fins have been manufactured with technology AirCore , consisting of a core of pressed polyurethane foam. It is a much larger keel light with total manipulation of the bending .

The internal structure of carbon it is specifically designed to fit each template, and by switching to epoxy resin and adding a carbon twill to the base you get a pattern of flexion further easy to use.

System FCS II
keel family Accelerator : Find Control. Speed, fluidity and response with added control.
Material Performance Core Carbon
Type of tables Recommended for high performance shortboards with moderate to low rocker.

MEDIUM (60Kg - 80Kg)

    No. of keels 3
    Color Black red
    Model FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon M Black/Red Tri Fins