Fins FCS II AL MERRICK PC Aircore Tri-Fins


These fins have been designed by the Al Merrick factory to suit radical surfing . While the side fins provide speed and direction , the smaller center fin makes transitions between turns quicker and more effective. Perfect for hollow and/or shore waves , they are recommended for high performance surfboards .


Fins with AirCore technology incorporate a pressed polyurethane foam core that mimics the geometric foil of the fin.
AirCore technology reduces the amount of fiberglass needed in the RTM molding process, making it much lighter and allowing for full flex manipulation .

System FCS II
keel family Carver : Find Power. Powerful, long spins with added retention.
Material Performance Core + AirCore
Type of tables High performance boards with moderate to extreme rocker
Sizes MEDIUM (60Kg-80Kg)
No. of keels 3
Color Grey
Model FCS II AM PC M Tri Fins - GRAY