FCS II AL MERRICK Twin Fins + Stabilizer Fins


Set of 2+1 fins designed with the legendary template "The Robber" in collaboration with Al Merrick and Channel Islands.
This model is the smallest FCS twin fin set available. Its low sweep and narrow nose give it exceptional pivot and release , while maintaining great trim speed and fast turning ability.
The central stabilizer has a long and narrow template with a rounded tip for greater control in turns.


the keels Performance Core (PC) are manufactured by a process of molding by transfer of resin multilayer. The pattern of flexion of the PC fins extends progressively from base to tip, helping the surfer maintain momentum and grip through turns. This versatile material is light and can be used in a wide variety of conditions.

System FCS II
Material Performance Core
Type of tables All kinds of tables

X-LARGE (More than 85Kg)

Twin fin measurements

  • Bottom: 5.07" / 129mm
  • Depth: 5.​61" / 14​2mm
  • Area: 2​0.​37"² / 13​140mm²
  • Sweep: 3​2.1º
  • Sheet: Flat

Central keel measurements

  • Bottom: 3.94"/100mm
  • Depth: 3.​69" / ​​94mm
  • Area: 9.46"² / 6100mm²
  • Sweep: 39.​2nd
  • Foil: 50/50
No. of keels 3
Color Black White
Model FCS II AM PC Twin+1 XLargev