FCS II Carver Neo Glass Tri-Fins Fins


The Carver have been designed to be able to perform wide arc maneuvers in powerful waves without losing control over the board.

Perfect for those surfers who like to leave the turns on the board well drawn and stomp with their back foot in certain maneuvers .


Constructed from 50% glass and bioresin , the Neo Glass Eco Blend range has a low-impact construction with high-impact performance that is recommended for lighter, more agile surfers.

The new range is also manufactured with reduced use of fossil fuels and a smaller carbon footprint than traditional materials. Uses ecological resin from local producers and farmers

System FCS II
keel family Carver : Find Power. Powerful, long spins with added retention.
Material Neo Glass
Type of tables Recommended for boards with deep concave and moderate to extreme rocker.

LARGE (75Kg-95Kg)

No. of keels 3
Color sage
Model FCS II Carver Neo Glass L Sage Tri Fins