FCS II Jason Stevenson Tri-Fins


FCS fins by Jason Stevenson (JS Surfboards), designed for smooth surfing in open face waves , where elegance and flow predominate. In the words of its designer, "What I like about these fins is the speed and flow they give, and that if you want to push them a little harder, they also react. In short, they are really reliable."


the keels Performance Core (PC) are manufactured by a process of molding by transfer of resin multilayer. The pattern of flexion of the PC fins extends progressively from base to tip, helping the surfer maintain momentum and grip through turns. This versatile material is light and can be used in a wide variety of conditions.

System FCS II
keel family Carver : Find Power. Powerful, long spins with added retention.
Material Performance Core
Type of tables Recommended for high performance shortboards with moderate to extreme rocker.

LARGE (75kG-95kG)

    No. of keels 3
    Color Charcoal/Red
    Model FCS II JS PC M Charcoal/Red Tri Fins