FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri-Fins Fins



The Performer are the perfect fins for those surfers looking for a model polyvalent and that they can use daily.

This set offers a perfect balance between speed, fluidity and response against changes of direction and fits practically in all types of waves and surfboards.


Constructed from 50% glass and bioresin , the Neo Glass Eco Blend range has a low-impact construction with high-impact performance that is recommended for lighter, more agile surfers.

The new range is also manufactured with reduced use of fossil fuels and a smaller carbon footprint than traditional materials. Uses ecological resin from local producers and farmers

System FCS II
keel family Performer : Find balance. A balance of speed, fluidity and response.
Material Neo Glass
Type of tables All kinds of tables

SMALL (50Kg-65Kg)

MEDIUM (60Kg - 80Kg)

LARGE (75Kg-95Kg)

No. of keels 3
Color Blue
Model FCS II Performer Neo Glass L Pacific Tri Fins