FCS II Performer PC Quad Rear Fins


High performance fins that provide an excellent combination of speed , flow and response in all types of conditions.

They stand out for their light weight and the hydrodynamic foil on the side keels, which helps to achieve greater speed . It adjusts to a wide variety of conditions, from beach breaks to rocky points and all types of boards.


Performance Core (PC) fins are manufactured using a multi-layer resin transfer molding process. The flex pattern of the PC fins extends progressively from base to tip, helping the surfer maintain momentum and grip through turns. This versatile material is lightweight and can be used in a wide variety of conditions.

System FCS II
keel family Performer : Find balance. A balance of speed, fluidity and response.
Material Performance Core
Type of tables All kinds of tables
Sizes MEDIUM (60Kg-80Kg)
No. of keels 2
Color Blue/Black
Model FCS II Performer PC L Teal/Black Quad Rear Fins