FCS II Performer PG Tri-Fins Fins



Set of 3 Performer Glass Flex fins designed for all types of waves and breakers.
Well-proportioned insole with Inside Foil Technology (IFT) to offer a good balance between drive, pivot and hold.
These fins are recommended for surfers looking for a good combination of speed and maneuverability while maintaining flow between turns.

Designed for a wide range of conditions, from beach breaks to point breaks.


Glass Flex (GF) fins are molded from engineering grade polymer . The flex of these fins is designed to help beginning surfers maintain speed and acceleration as they learn to execute turns and maneuvers.

System FCS II
keel family Performer : Find balance. A balance of speed, fluidity and response.
Material glass flex
Type of tables All types of boards, including fish, funboards and twin fins.

MEDIUM (60Kg - 80Kg)

LARGE (75kG-95kG)

No. of keels 3
Color Black
Model FCS II Performer PG Medium Black Tri Retail Fins