Futures AM1 Blackstix Fins


The AM1 have been designed by shaper Al Merrick. The Blackstix material and the V2 foil make these fins a perfect model to generate speed. and push in loose waves . The AM1 model comes with a wide base to lower to the bottom without problems and with the upper end of the keel lowered to be able to hit the lip without problems, while the added rake means that you can carve without losing grip.

Material: Blackstix . This material has a carbon fiber core that charges with energy and releases it to generate speed when you need it most. They are the lightest fins in Futures

    System Futures
    Material blackstix
    Sizes Medium 65Kg-85Kg
    No. of keels 3
    Color Cream


    Lateral keels Center Keel
    Area 14.84 13.35
    Height 4.50 4.29
    Base 4.50
    Leaf V2 SYMM

    Includes travel case and fin wrench