Fins Futures Rob Machado


Initially designed by Rob Machado for the Firewire Midas, this 2+1 set of fins is highly versatile and works in all types of waves and breaks.

In its twin fin version they generate a lot of speed in a simple way thanks, in part, to the specific V2 foil of Future Fins. While in its 2+1 version it adds extra stability and provides very smooth and fluid transitions from edge to edge.

Constructed with carbon and bamboo , it makes the sensation when surfing them very vivid, which makes it easier for high performance surfing to be developed with them.

    System Futures
    Material Carbon
    Sizes Medium
    No. of keels 2+1
    Color Bamboo/Red

    Lateral keels Center Keel
    Area 19.04 eleven
    Height 5.61 3.80
    Base 4.64
    Leaf V2 SYMM

    Includes travel case and fin wrench