Futures TP1 Honeycomb Fins


The Thrusters Honeycomb TP1 Fins offer you a medium flex pattern and a balanced category. Honeycomb is the perfect fin for all surfers. Designed to gain momentum on the line, maintain grip through turns, or push through the air in all conditions.

Timmy Patterson's classic pivot template in Honeycomb construction, reissued with a fresh new graphic. The hexagonal foam core mat on these fins reduces resin content, making the fins lighter and keeping rigidity where it counts.

This gives it a medium flex pattern, making it great for everyone. From breaking beach waves to reef spots, honeycomb fins are the standard when it comes to the best fins.

    System Futures
    Material honeycomb
    Sizes Large +80Kg
    No. of keels 3
    Color Orange


    Lateral keels Center Keel
    Area 15.27 15.27
    Height 4.62 4.62
    Base 4.52
    Leaf V2 SYMM

    Includes travel case and fin wrench