CARVER Firefly 30.25" Surfskate

€220,00 €315,00
By Carver

The Surfskate Carver Firefly 30.25" is the trimmed version of the popular 31'' Resin to make this turning board even more radical while retaining the same progressive squash tail shape.

The narrower nose keeps the front end light and manageable, while the proper kick tail becomes a nested deckpad that locks your back foot right where it needs to be.


Long 30.25"
Broad 9 7/8"
I don't know 3 3/8"
Tail 6 1/4"
Axles Carver CX
Distance between axis 16 1/2"
Wheels Roundhouse Ecothane 78A
Wheel diameter 65mm
Wheel hardness 78a