Sweet Potato 5.8" Firewire Board



the surfboard Firewire Sweet Potato It is designed to get the most out of small, flat waves. It is a very wide, thick board with a lot of volume, providing stability and easy paddling.

Being a short board with a swallow tail, it is very easy to handle when making turns and more radical surfing. With the Firewire Sweet Potato you will be able to ride a short board in waves traditionally ruled by longboards.

In short, the Firewire Sweet Potato surfboard is fast, agile and super maneuverable, perfect for days when the waves are bad and we need to get the most out of each wave.


Brand firewire
Construction Helium 2 (Epoxy)
quilas 5 (not included)
keel system FCSII or Future
Size 5.8" 22 5/16" 2 11/16"
liters 41.4L
surfing level low/medium
wave size little