Men's Hyperfreak 5/4mm Plus Chest Zip Wetsuit

By O'Neill


The O'Neill Chest Zip Wetsuit is the most sealed , lightweight and unique wetsuit on the market. This advanced technology allows you to preform at the highest level with materials so comfortable and light, you'd swear you were sailing naked. Featuring a minimal seam design, unfinished cuffs and durable Krypto knee pads. The lightweight , quality materials and attention to detail make it a comfortable wetsuit designed to last.

Zipper Front on chest
suit thickness 5mm torso / 4mm limbs
Water temperature

6th - 9th



Color Black / Gray
  • Chest zipper on 360º barrier with drainage holes.
  • O'Neill's Technobutter 3. Maximum resistance hydrophobic neoprene, ENVY foam rubber core. Maximum warmth and comfort. Built to last.
  • Fully taped seams, lightweight and stretchy seam tape.
  • 0.5mm extra glued seams with water-based triple glue.
  • Double stamped necklace.
  • Chest/Lower Body: Technobutter 3
  • Back/Arms/Shoulders: Technobutter 3X