MUNDAKA II 4/3 wetsuit RED

By Seland


MUNDAKA RED. Winter surf suit made of 4/3mm ULTRASTRETCH neoprene (very elastic).

○ ULTRASTRETCH neoprene throughout the suit.
○ Glued and sewn with external double stitching.
○ Sealing the joints on the inside of the suit with elastic neoprene.
○ Preformed legs and arms for greater comfort and ease of movement.
○ Non-slip arm and leg cuffs without hems, allowing a better fit of the suit on the extremities and greater comfort.
○ Laminated with “Warm Plush” on the inside of the chest, which provides warmth.
○ Laminated interior of the suit with TITANIUM to increase protection against the cold.
○ 2 mm neoprene panel glued to the inside of the suit that, covering a large part of the back, replaces the traditional flap and prevents water from entering.
○ Water drainage holes under the zipper.
○ New velcro closure on the neck, even more adjustable.
○ Knee pads inserted with 4 mm Strong Pad (high resistance material).

COLOR: black/red