Wetkube 25L - black

By Wetkube

Wetkube is a bucket designed to change, transport your wet suit and accelerate its drying thanks to an interior compartment that prevents contact of the suit with drained water, thus extending the life of your neoprene and aquatic clothing.

The Wetcube with a capacity of 25 liters is perfect for a wetsuit.

Designed and manufactured in Cantabria and made with 100% recycled materials!
  • Makes it easy to transport and dry your wetsuit.
  • Watertight bucket with capacity for 25 liters.
  • Designed for changing into and carrying wet suits.
  • Strap for easy transport.
  • Closure of the handles to facilitate the evacuation of water.
  • with reflective panels that increase safety when traveling or on roads with traffic.

Volume 25 liters
Diameter 27 cm
Background 33 cm
High 31 cm
Top diameter 33 cm
Color Black

Wetkube It is the perfect complement for lovers of surfing and water sports!